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MN 974Y Mischief 605E


MN 974Y Mischief 605E (32129 bytes)

PEDIGREE OF: MN 974Y MISCHIEF 605E  TATTOO: MN 605E  RT EAR     REG # C02611745      DATE OF BIRTH: 01 Mar 95

                                                                                                        B&H CALGARY 81 42L   C01976374
                                                                                       BCD 42L STANDARD LAD 417S   C02182068
                                                                                                        CGD STANWAY LASS 84L   C01866489
                                                                               CGD 417S DOMINO LAD 974Y    C02398740
                                                                                                        DVH STANDARD LAD 27G    C01604825
                                                                                      CGD DOMINO LASS 54L    C01866474
                                                                                                        LRD MISS B DOMINO 83C
                                    MN 974Y MISCHIEF 605E
                                                                                                        SJ 43G DOMINO 32L   C01907040
                                                                                      32 LAD 7R    C02129548
                                                                                                        STANWAY LASS 54H    C01655682
                                                                               MN 7 MISS BLANCHARD 605Y    C02425124
                                                                                                        BELL L DP DOMINO PRINCE 44G   C01593063
                                                                                       AD DOMINO DESMA 5N    C02017064
                                                                                                        JHR DESMA 26D    C01391952


Here is an example of a  605E son.

AGA 605E Mischief 133H

AGA 605E Mischief 133H(34053 bytes)

We feel that this yellow, long calf will make a outstanding herd sire. His dam is out of BP Hot Shot 91Z,
she is one of the high producing cows in our herd.

Here is a video of 133H in September 1999, it is a 1.5 meg mpeg file... also seen in Video page.

Last Updated 23 Dec 1999

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