Lilybrook Herefords


AGA 16F Brigader 77H (20008 bytes)

AGA 16F BRIGADER 77H, June 1999.

77h2.jpg (18743 bytes)

77H, picture taken Jan, 2000.

77h3.jpg (21012 bytes)

77H, picture taken May, 2003.

77H04.jpg (23189 bytes)
77H, picture taken June, 2004.

PEDIGREE OF: AGA 16F BRIGADER 77H   TATTOO:  XUB 77H RT EAR     REG #C02712393       DATE OF BIRTH: Feb 19, 1998 

                                                                                                        BAR PIPE BRIGADIER 19Y    C02389455
                                                                                       CTY BRIGADER 22B    C02623018
                                                                                                        LADY 66J B DOM 509    A18704719
                                                                               AGA 22B BRIDADER 16F    C02654887
                                                                                                        WAIAU ELDARADO    C02492764
                                                                                        AGA MISS ELDARADO 70C    C02553236
                                                                                                        AGA MISS 13X BRITISHER 49Z    C02442961
                                    AGA 16F BRIGADER 77H
                                                                                                        THE VIRGINIAN    C02426356
                                                                                       DA BRITISHER 53B    C02513031
                                                                                                        DA LADY BRITISHER 25X    C02351196
                                                                                 AGA 53B MISS BRITISHER 69E    C02625138
                                                                                                        AGA 6U BRITISHER ET 40Y    C02402737
                                                                                       AGA 40Y MISS BRITISHER 89B     C02516379
                                                                                                        AGA MISS 65T STANDARD 121X    C02358004


Performance Information

B.D. B.W. B.W.I. Wean Weight WPDA 205D Wean Index Year Weight WPDA 365D  Year Index
19/02/98 84 108.7 730 3.61 762.5 116.9 1230 3.21 1204 115.5

AGA 53B Miss Britisher 69E (79811 bytes)

AGA 53B Miss Britisher 69E, the mother of 77H.

Last Updated 09 Oct 2004

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