Ulrich Hereford Ranch

AGA 191G Standard 85J

85j.jpg (15893 bytes)

85J, June 2000

85j4.jpg (22946 bytes)

AGA 191G Standard 85J, Jan 2001.

85j2.jpg (23267 bytes)

AGA 191G Standard 85J, June 2001.

PEDIGREE OF: AGA 191G Standard 85J TATTOO: ALNK 85J  RT EAR     REG # C02738259      DATE OF BIRTH: 25 Feb 99

                                                                                                          STANDRD LAD 656 4ET   C02322540
                                                                                       BAR-OM 656 ST COMMAND LAD 277D   C02599095
                                                                                                        BANNERLANE COMMANDER LASS 10T   C02236071
                                                                               AGA 277D STANDARD 191G   C02684156
                                                                                                        CTY K STANMORE X852   C02502346
                                                                                        AGA 852 MISS STANMORE ET 8C   C02570349
                                                                                                        MISS 95J STANDARD AGA ET 3X   C02362179
                                    AGA 191G Standard 85J
                                                                                                        BAR PIPE BRIDADIER 19Y   C02389455
                                                                                      CTY BRIGADER 22B   C02623018
                                                                                                        LADY 66J B DOM 509   A18704719
                                                                               AGA 22B MISS BRIDGADER 511E    C02654874
                                                                                                        AGA 30S STANMORE 42X   C02354215
                                                                                       AGA MISS 42X STANMORE 94Z   C02449112
                                                                                                        JRC 31R LASS 37U   C02260429

Performance Information

B.D. B.W. B.W.I. Wean Weight W/DA 205D Wean Index Year Weight  W/DA 365D Year Index
25/02/99 97 97.5 790 3.74 793 116.4 1265 3.33 1242 113.5

511e.jpg (18064 bytes)

AGA 22B Miss Brigader 511E, dam of 85J, picture taken, Jan 2001.

Last Updated 24 Aug 2001

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