Ulrich Hereford Ranch

FE 27A Extra 102E

FE 27A Extra 102E (10K bytes)

June 1997 picture of 102E in breeding pasture.

102e.jpg (14285 bytes)

102E, June 1999

PEDIGREE OF: FE 27A EXTRA 102E   TATTOO: SFE 102E LT EAR     REG # C02631509      DATE OF BIRTH: 28 FEB 1995

                                                                                                        BP EXTRA 203U C02259760
                                                                                       FE 203U EXTRA 50Y C02403695
                                                                                                        FE 41K STANDARD 40S C02175990
                                                                  SGC 50Y EXTRA LAD 27A C02484655
                                                                                                        SGC BRIT COMMANDER 2T C02211540
                                                                                      SGC SILVER STD COMMANDER 24Y C02393405
                                                                                                        LITTLE HELL SILVER STD 40T C02252654
                                    FE 27A EXTRA 102E  C02631509
                                                                                                        K 6J RUSTANDARD 32P C02068953
                                                                                      FE 32P RUSTANDARD 6T C02223367
                                                                                                        FE 59J DOM STD 82P C02075670
                                                                   FE 6T RUSTANDARD 10Y C02403659
                                                                                                        B&H 42L RIBSTONE LAD 44R C02146756
                                                                                       FE 44R RIBSTONE 61U C02275129
                                                                                                        FE BLANCHARD S 208F C01532352

Extra 102E is owned in partnership with Doerksen Herefords, Gem, Alberta.

Last Updated 21 Dec 1999

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