Lilybrook Herefords

Plans for the Bull Proof Salt & Mineral Feeder

We built 4 boxes out of: 2 sheets 48" by 120" and 1 sheet 60" by 120", I believe it was 16 gauge.

We cut the following:

mf1.jpg (10398 bytes)

mf2.jpg (6268 bytes)

This will give you 8 side walls, 30" wide, 33" high at the front, 27" high for the back.

We used 2" pipe (0.125 or 0.100 wall), for each box we cut the following:
All measurements that are straight 90 degrees and butt up against another pipe include 5/8" more on each place that the pipe joins another pipe because we notched it... you might have to compensate a little...

mf3.jpg (16042 bytes)

mf4.jpg (7975 bytes)

mf5.jpg (14724 bytes)

mf6.jpg (15231 bytes)

Notice that the front 46" tie is not mounted on the front legs but rather on the pipe holding the front and back legs together, have a close look at the photo picture to see that it is sitting under the wooden box, this keeps the mineral from falling on it...

All the sheeting we welded on the center of the pipe except the bottom of the back wall, that we left open so that water and extra mineral could fall out.

We made the wooden box to hold the mineral and salt out of wood because it would not rust out or get eaten by the mineral. The box has about a 1/2 inch space on each side, so that a person can get it into the metal framework, past the legs. The floor of the wooden box we used 3/4 inch plywood.

1" (inch) = 2.54 cm, and 1' (foot) is 12" (inches).

Last Updated 21 Apr 2003

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