Stefan Ulrich's Web Site!
The site that displays some of my and my daughters' writings and thoughts.

The Lonely Flower the story of a disabled flower, I am a parapelegic and my wife is hard of hearing, I wrote this for our engagement.

The Ladybug, a story about a skinny bug. My attempt at encouraging people to not give in to our "skinny" society.

The Bad Easter Bunny a story about a lazy bunny that describes the author when he forgot to write a Easter card...

The Poor Gopher a story about a too busy gopher.

Heaven, a story based on my experience.

The Haunted Library, a Halloween story by my older daughter.

I Wonder, a poem about life by my daughter.

5 Mermaids, a story and pictures by my younger daughter. 

Steers vs Heifers an essay on profitablity between feeding steers or heifers.

Water As Fuel an essay about using water as fuel in our vehicles.

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Last updated June 24, 2007.